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Investment - Q&A

Engagement / Post Wedding

-An easy going intimate shoot session for the two of you, making you feel comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.

-2 to 3 hours shoot on location of your choice.

-Minimum of 100 photos (usually more) edited in high resolution copy to be given to you via USB thumbdrive.

2nd Photographer Add on

-A big wedding is always fun, the bigger the better. Our team is composed of my wife and whānau, who work with me closely to capture your special moments with my same visual ideas and style, what's better than one of me? Two of me!

-2nd shooter will be there the whole day documenting your big day from groom preps to most of your guests' key moments, the ceremony, till the afterparty.

Wedding Day Full

-Even though I'm invisible documenting your big day, I am yours the whole day, from start to finish, from preps to your after party no moments missed, Nada!

-Minimum of 600 edited photos in high resolution to be given to you via USB thumbdrive together with our delivery gift box.


-Group photos of the whole whānau.

-Profile shots for each family member.

-Maximum of 8 family member

-Minimum of 30 photos edited in high resolution to be given via usb thumbdrive.

Wedding Day Essentials

-You're a minimalist, simplicity is beauty. I will be there (usually 6 hours) documenting key moments of your wedding.

-Elopement is always sweet and beautiful, an intimate moment between the two of you on a memorable location, lets do it!

-DIY wedding ideas? Touch base with us and we'll cater you the best possible shoot timing.

-Minimum of 400 edited photos in high resolution to be given to you via USB thumbdrive together with our delivery gift box.



-21st, A family gathering, Music events and festivities, anything really. Hit us up to document your special day!

What are your Prices?

I'm easy and have a very straightforward wedding investment package. My pricing for a full day wedding is $3,300 which is what I always recommend, this includes photo coverage from start to finish, covering your preparation to your after party. This assures you a minimum of 600 photos for the whole day but 99% of the time the coverage will generate 800 to a 1000 photos after a meticulous sorting and curation. All photos will be given to you edited in high resolution via our usb thumbdrive gift box.

If you book for a full wedding coverage with engagement photos, we package that for $3,800 and thats the best investment we can offer. We do elopements and DIY weddings as well through winter or any seasons on a location of your choosing, please contact us and we'll cater you a detailed summary for this package.

We just booked you, what happens now?

Cooperative spirit and getting to know you personally. I will set a pre-event consultation with you over a cup of coffee, discussing every single details regarding the shoot and your big day. Ask anything you want every little detail counts.

This is our first time in front of the camera how do we do it? What's your style of shooting? How will the photoshoot go?

My style of shooting varies thru a lot of influences due to hundreds of photoshoot I have done in the past but to summarise it I have a journalistic, candid style with fashion influence. I don't have pre-set poses, believe me I tried, that would have been handy and easier but it doesn't work for me. I will guide and pose you the way I feel and see you on that hour, on how our background and location calls for it based on what light nature gives us. Every body structure varies and every persons emotion is different and thats why I love engagement and weddings as something magical always hit me on the shooting day, a light bulb moment, it surprises me really but in a beautiful way. It is expected that most of our posed shots will be custom made for you based on how I see it perfectly suits you, but I do have traditional shots that needs to be captured, the intangible shots they say, thats for us to showcase and enhance what you have prepared for that day - eg. your bridal dress, shoes, the colors you wanted, your perfectly chosen flowers, etc. the detailed things that makes that day perfect. As your day evolves I'll just be invisible documenting pure moments and emotions of you, your love ones, whanau and guests. I will be well coordinated with your planner or a member of your entourage for us to ensure that special moments / presentations are anticipated and nothing will be missed.

What a beautiful day that was! We're so excited to see the photos, when will it be available?

Early next day I'll be sure sipping coffee to cure a little hangover from all the fun that have happened from your wedding, and I'm sure you'll be itching to see some photos yourselves as it should have been an amazing day. So while doing so I'll be browsing through the thousands of beautiful photographs we made and within a day or two I'll be passing you a link on which you can download 20 to 30 images for your sneak peeks that you can share with your whanau and beloved guests, I'll be uploading the images as well on my socials.

I'll then be starting to work on completing the edit for your whole wedding album and due to the intricate process of sorting and curating I will need a month to complete it (45 days on wedding season). I will give you a shout once its done and ready for delivery.

We are not from Gisborne, can we book you?

Yes definitely, I love to travel and shoot on different landscapes. Connect with us and lets plan your big day, our travel and accommodation fee is minimal.

Do you shoot overseas? Should we go that route for our Engagement or Wedding day.

We love destination weddings and I have a lot of shoot overseas. Best part of my job is seeing and experiencing new cultures and wonderful sceneries. Please contact us in advance to plan our travel to your big day.

What if you get sick on our wedding day or any unforeseen things happened? It's raining!

Been there, done that. I've shot people and events on some of the most difficult landscapes around the world. Shooting while trekking the Himalayas sounds fun? So yeah nothing really surprise me anymore, we also invested on our gears making sure it could withstand different seasons and weather to perform our job throughout the day.


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