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Yup that's me, my wife and I shot our engagement photos on that beautiful lake in the South Islands.

I wish I could write in here everything I want you to know about me as your photographer but i
neffable ideas and emotions are difficult to put into words. 

So why am I good on what I do and how do I do it? My answer is simple really, I photograph people on how I want to be photographed. I don't have an Art degree to support my work but what I have with me is a keen eye and experience, 15 years and going. On those years I have shot everything from birth to funeral (I am not kidding, some cultures do celebrate a loved ones passing as a tribute and celebration of one's life), documented a lot of wedding rites and ceremony from Hindu, Tamil to Chinese wedding to the traditional Christian, Muslim, Maori & Kiwi ceremony and more.. a lot more.

My camera has become my passport and my way for expression and passion, giving me the opportunity to travel between various locations and cultures to document peoples life journey and their special events, meeting new friends and great people along the way.

Okay enough of the heavy haha, we are an easy going foodie couple that loves cooking, travelling, mountaineering and good ole Netflix! My free time revolves on sunset chasing, browsing art books, Jiu Jitsu, and wine nights! 

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